Delight serves healthy, delicious food or as we like to say'Fabulous - Food - Fast!'

Delight was first established in 2001. Delight Health Café, later opened a 50 seat eatery in 2005, in Renmore, at the Kingfisher Club. The Cafè is open to the public and not exclusive to gym members. This café also has a great outdoor seating area, for those sunny days when dining alfresco is possible. Our Café is bright, clean and friendly and we like to think our staff are always welcoming too!

Delight’s aim is to run a business that serves healthy, delicious food – fast! To achieve this, we use fresh, locally grown, quality ingredients and imaginative recipes. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service, while not at any time compromising on quality of food or excellence of taste.

Many of today’s consumers, while requiring value for money, are tending to insist upon quality, nutritional content and flavour as primary factors in their dining choices. In addition, people are becoming more health conscious generally and are knowledgeable of and alert to the requirements of various dietary regimes. Delight likes to make it easier for our customers by considering all these factors in all that we make and serve. We serve real food!